Accomodation rules

The hotel is only authorized to accommodate properly registered guests. To this end, the guests have to provide immediately upon arrival their valid indentity card or passport. For accommodation and other services guest are obliged to pay the price in accordance with the valid price list upon arrival.

The Hotel reserves the right to offer the gues alternative accommodation than was originally agreed upon due to exceptional circumstances, if it is not substantially different from the one in confirmed order.

On the basis of the confirmed order, the hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest from 17:00 unless otherwise agreed. Check-out is by 10 a.m. on the agreed departure date and the guests have to hand the key over at the front desk. In case of lost key, the guests are obligated to pay the amount of 1.000,- CZK.  In the event of early termination of the stay is not entitled to a refund.

The guest may not move furnishings, or interfere with the electrical network or other installations. In the hotel and especially in the room guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances, which are not used for personal hygiene guest. The guest is obliged by leaving the room to close the water taps, turn off the lights and and close the door. The guest is obliged to behave so as to prevent damage to property or fire. In case of damage to the hotel property caused by the guest, he/she is obliged to pay compensation for damage no later than on the last day of the stay. In the time from 22:00 to 7:00  guests are to observe nighttime peace and quiet.

The hotel is strictly non-smoking. The Hotel is entitled to cancel the accommodation of the guest, who violated this prohibition, without any compensation.

The guests are allowed to park they vehicles on the adjacent parking lot. Parking lots are open and the hotel is not responsible for any possible damage or theft.

Cancellation fee –  late cancellation (less than 6 days befor arrival) – 100% of price of booked stay.

Accommodated guest accepts the Accommodation Rules as the contractual terms of accommodation and is obliged to comply with its provisions. If the guest violates the accommodation rules, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the accommodation contract before the expiry of the agreed time without any compensation.